Once a stashaholic…

29/03/2009 at 6:13 pm (crafts)

always a stashaholic.

Yes, hate to break it to you folks but it is true. Have just got back from the Harrogate show, which I have to say was slightly disappointing, but I think that’s mainly because craft is a bit boring at the mo anyway and not a reflection on the stands which were there (well, almost but say no more on that score!).  Having said this, I was on a bit of a working mission and made sure I had no bag, no purse and definitely no cards with me.  Good job cos the money I did take with me, and it wasnt much to be fair, burned a bloody great versuvius type hole in my pocket and had gone before you can say Sugar Nellie.  Talking of which I did manage to get one Sugar Nellie & one Magnolia stamp which was my total shopping list as I’ve resisted them for sooooo long. Alas, I could resist no more and it was a bloody good job I didnt take my card I can tell you or Gordon Brown would be on the phone right now thanking me for stimulating the UK economy!  I think however one lucky lady has probably already had a phone call from Barack Obama as I heard a little rumour that she told someone (she said he said she said) that she’d spent 600 quid – all I can say is WAY TO GO GIRL!!! Likin’ your stylee!!  Hope it wasn’t all on decoupage and 3D foam, how disappointing that would be.  Still, whatever floats your boat!

Anyway, the highlight of my show-day (at the copa, copa-cabana) was spending the day with my good chumlee & sparring pardner Jozza and meeting her mates Ruth and Kath who were sooo lovely I wondered what they’re doing fraternising with the Jozzmeister! (Only joking J, u know I wub u, spax, u r an original ! xx )  Anyway, it just reminded me how, on the whole, crafters are a really friendly bunch, specially if they’re fed on cake and have enough stash spends for the day.  Remove either of these 2 catalysts and they generally turn into something resembling the scream painting. 

Another goodie for the day was muscling in (did I say muscling, I meant wobbling) in on a photie with the girlies and KW who IS as mad as a hatter and made me & J laugh our little pancake paps off.  She threatened to blog the photie so I think we will all download it and photoshop ourselves out so if I come across it I might post it here.

Well, I’m off to play with the Patti Picklicious CD which we are now stocking on the website and in the shop – it was noticable that the Waahboy didnt ask me how much I spent although I think he’s learned his lesson on that one now.  Unfortunately I discovered that leaving him on his own on a Sunday without a job list wasn’t a good idea as he seems to have now discovered Formula 1 and thinks he will be watching it every week.  Yeah, in your dreams matey-boy!  x


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