Getting your mojo back at the end of a hard week…

15/03/2009 at 12:02 am (Uncategorized)

Well, I have to say it’s been a bit of a cr*ppy week!  Started off on Monday and if I’m being positive I would say it got slightly better from then on cos it couldn’t really have been any worse in all honesty.  Of course, I’m being a right chunky drama queen as usual, as in the general scheme of things what I was mad at really didn’t matter when there are people dying or starving or in bad health around the world.  But you know how it is, we all have a bad day now and then so I’m allowed.

Anyway, ending the week on a good note I restarted my classes today with all my ol’faithful peeps and a couple of newbies too and a damn fine day it was too!  I have to admit, having not taught a class since last August I was feelin the ol’ presh slightly this week and as anyone who regularly came to my classes before knows, I do have a tendency to be a last minute Annie when it comes to class prep and actually making the projects, but I guess I must be one of those peeps who work better under pressure!!  Or thats my excuse anyway! 😀   Anyway at this point I do have to publicly apologise at the long suffering DH for screaming at him on Wednesday just cos he hadn’t been psychic enough to do what I expected him to do without telling him or explaining it properly – after all he is a mere man and how was he to know I wanted it that way. OMG and I almost forgot about the stress of Tuesday night and my episode of B&Q’s revolving door after the MDF we had cut wouldnt fit in the car (OK, so he told me all the way to the checkout that it wouldnt fit but I chose to forget that the car hatch gets smaller at the top – if it had gone in through the opening it WOULD have fit, just like I said it would, stoopid!).  So after going in and out of the store about 10 million times and returning said MDF 5 mins after I’d bought it and then going back in and out a further 10 times again just trying to get out of the bloody place, a kind friend picked it up in his van next day.  Is it just us that has a pilaver wherever we go and whatever we do or is this normal? I often wonder if it’s some kind of syndrome or payback for being naughty, eating too many French Fancies or maybe swearing too much???

Anyway, so back to the classes (soz, got sidetracked, another fault apparently, which was brought to my attention this week; apparently I start a 2nd sentence before I finish the first confusing whomever I’m talking to; according to my book, this is an Aquarian thing, we’re already thinking about the next thing while we’re still doing the first so I just can’t help it OK!)

Anyway, so back to the class! hahah finally…I think we all enjoyed it today despite a little spell of craziness in the morning where it felt like being in the queue at Burger King, but hopefully a bit calmer next time as i’ve extended the class times.  We did two fab folding techniques which kept everyone quiet and busy, except for the usual crazy rowdies on the last class of the day (You know who you are you lot!), and everyone left full of biccies, inspiration and a full bladder. 

So thanks Laydees, I had a lovely day seeing you all again and lets hope we’ve all inspired each other back to crafting more again!  I’m looking forwards to tomorrow now and the next bunch of crazy crafters! Waheey! Anyway, here are the cards we’ve made today…you can see all the other fabbie versions the girls made on the website gallery here.



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