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17/02/2009 at 4:14 pm (crafts, Uncategorized) (, )

shopbunny14I was pondering today about where people get their inspiration from really.  I went to the UK trade show at Birmingham on Sunday where I was demo’ing our funky freddies friends and was expecting to be blown away by lots of inspiring products and stands from my fellow profeshionals.  Didn’t happen really, with the exception of one particular laydee who truly inspires me. Sadly she wasn’t there as I would love to have met her in the flesh.  Anyway, there are a few new ranges about to arrive in the Uk which are a bit lush but not really anything “new new” if ya get me drift.  But getting back to the inspiration bit I was amazed at how much of the stuff on offer was very “samey” and quite frankly, a lot of it is about as inspirational as a dead grannie’s drawers and it don’t float my big girl pants I can tell you.  So I came home with my inspiration between my chunky legs and got out my ol’ faithful friend, Mr Cricut.  And a box of French Fancies which inspire me every time I look at their luscious little squares of yummy pastel niceness. Have I mentioned this before, I’m having a deja vu moment here… anyway, I love all there is about a French Fancie and they did inspire me to get designing some lovelies which should be available within the next week or so as soon as I get my chunky cheeks into gear.

Anyway, until then, here is what Mr Cricut produced, bit boring but I think he’s cuuuuute as a button and it’s cheered the shop window up no end (and I could see the people in their cars smiling as we were putting him in the window which is good enough for me).  Now I’m off for a coffee and the last little square of yumminess and to hell with the calories!…



  1. Shopaholic said,

    Some bunny thinks your Easter bunny is gorgeous and very cute, i want one…. Time to hop off now!…

  2. Jozza said,

    Aw that is one cute bunny! Bless!

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