are all crafters the same?…

19/01/2009 at 9:18 pm (Uncategorized)


Ok, so I suddenly got the urge to get creative so I ran upstairs then got totally distracted by emails and blogsurfing for 2 hours. And Big Bro and the surprise eviction, wahey can’t wait! But anyway what I was gonna say was I love the internet and email but my goodness it can be a total distraction sometimes – you do one email and before you know it 2 hours or 3 or 4 have gone by – no wonder none of us have any spare time anymore.  Blogs are fatal – you just go from one to the next to the next and then you can’t even remember what you were looking at or have any hope of ever finding it again, it drives me goddamm crazy I tell ya!!!!!  Anyway, in the midst of this I remembered I was feeling creative but as I’m at home right now I don’t have all my most recent stash with me.  So I went to my little set of drawers which have somehow got left behind and havent made it to “shop craft room” status for some reason.  So I opened them…and lo and behold they are a little treasure trove of the most gorgeous things which I had totally forgotten I had and all of which are far too precious to use.  Little mini clock faces, loads of mens embellies, delish charms and…words…(I have a thing about words).  And then I opened the drawer called “Tim Holtz”. Oh My.  The only words.  All these luscious things were stroked lovingly and accompanied by “ooooo” and “awwww” and an odd “that is too nice to use”.  And then they were all placed back in the appropriate hidey holes as they are, in all honesty, far too nice to use indeed.  OH came in at the point of stroking the clocks and totally agreed with this point of view, adding a somewhat curt “well you’re never gonna use those are you but I’d better shutup or i’ll get shouted at” and hot-hoofed it back downstairs.  Don’t know what he’s on about personally.  Of course I will use them ALL on a precious card or page for a precious person.  It’s just that I’m waiting to meet a person THAT precious and one that will deserve and above all, appreciate the loveliness of said paraphernalia.   And with that thought I just realised I still havent made anything have I.  Oo – i just had a great idea! It’s my birthday on Thursday so maybe I could make myself a lovely card!! hehehe  x


  1. Rita said,

    Would you please share your templates for the bunny and the shop bunny?

  2. nikkyhall said,

    Hi Rita, you can actually purchase the bunny template here

  3. darcy said,

    haha I agree totally. I am always being told off cos I keep stuff ‘for best’….I am just waiting for that ‘best’ time or person to come along.LOL I love getting out all my expensive paper , looking at it and putting it away again hahaha oh dear!

    Blog surfing addiction should be classed as a medical condition……but then of course you would need to go online and research all about it…there really is no hope!

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