Pre-e-shous fings….mmmmm

16/01/2009 at 1:08 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m just scoffing my lunchtime nosh and it has just occurred to me that I eat wayyy too fast for my own or anyone else’s good. It has reached that dreaded time of year when the ol’  Mini Eggs are stacked heavens high on every shop shelf I come across – I think they must know that I am incapable of passing a packet without it slipping surreptitiously into my basket.  And I think they know that I also can’t wait to delve into those heavenly, precious little choccie eggs and ram ’em down me throat faster than you can scream 15 calories each.  OR 455 calories per bag.  OMG.  I just ate that bag in about 5 minutes flat and it didn’t touch the sides.  Does it count if you also down a litre of Innocent Smoothie to get your 5-a-day at the same time?  hmm thought not, spoilsports.  Oh well, that would be why my scales run out of the bathroom each time I approach these days.  Shucks.  Still, I have come to terms with the fact that at i will now be fat forever anyway and just bloody enjoy those little treats. Trouble is they are usually big treats and not very occasional!  Still, my lunchtime snack has just given me a bit of inspiration to make something lovely tomorrow, looking at those pretty pastel colours on the outside of that scrummy chocolate.  And the strawberry smoothie is such a lush pink it will have to be something to do with the dreaded Valentine’s day coming up soon.  For those of you that don’t have a Valentine this year just use it as an excuse to get all girly and unashamedly make squishy mushy cards and lovely things for a change with no holds barred!   Me, I am going to make ooo no I can’t tell you cos I think I might do it as another kit or a class later this month!!  tee hee!   Well, lunch sorry feeding time is over so I need to go – enjoy yours!! xx

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  1. chriss said,

    455 cals oh my god….rofpmsl.

    Thank you for stopping by… you sound in good spirits and as its lunch time I would think that there is no alcohol involved…lol.

    Cos it’s a bugger when you have to go back to work after a liquid lunch.

    This is bloody spooky as i WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU THIS AFT…. spooky or what!

    Will drop you a line by email to see what you are up to… no good I

    catch you soon.

    Hey you still have time to join in this months swap if you would lie to.

    The theme is to recycle parts of an old calendar to be with me by the 30th.

    catch you soon.

    take care…

    Hey and just a thought for us bigger ladies…

    Fat people are harder to kidknap….hahahahahaha.

    chriss x

    chriss x

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