Cricut, a trollop and a red handbag

11/01/2009 at 7:06 pm (Uncategorized)

Well well, it’s been sooooo long.  Thought I would just write a few lines as I’m feeling a little melancholy at the prospect of another day in hell, sorry I mean work tomorrow 😦   .  Why me???  I wanna just stay home and craft all day every day, I would never ever get bored.  Which leads me to another thing, I’ve decided I want to be buried with my darling Cricut.  Both of them in fact.  Yes, I am a greedy mare and I have both the original and the Expression too and I can’t bear to part with my little baby just in case something untoward happens to the other one.  So today I have had a Cricut day, cutting lots and lots of lovely hearts and playing, to make a nice big Valentine’s heart wreath, which I  just realised because I’m such  bumbo, or bimbo I should say, I didnt take a pic of! DOH!  Another day maybe!

I also bought a Cricut deep blade housing this week and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed, they really should include more instructions and get proper cricut users to test these products before they release them.  It does work but you have to do a lot of pratting about to get the right setting and anyone without the patience of a saint would be tempted to throw it out the window at the nearest passing chav, wiht a hope to impaling their eye on said deep blade.

I’ve been reading Kirsty Wiseman’s blog this week and I think the woman has truly gone off her creative rocker, she’s had me in stitches, maybe it’s Christmas that is still in her system.  It seems to have started with the purchase of a slutty red handbag and I can relate to that as my OH bought me a lovely one for Crimbo.  Kirsty I know exactly what u mean girl!!!!!  Anyway if you’re a crafter and you havent stopped by Kirsty’s blog u really should cos she rocks.  As does my other crafty mate Jozza who I lurve to bits even if she is a bit of a craft trollop! xx

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