24/11/2008 at 4:37 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow, I’m so bushed! We’ve had a mega busy few months – in fact I think it would be fairer to say crazy!

We’ve just got back forom Hobbycrafts at the NEC where we launched our brand new Freddies Friends die-cuts – and they went down a storm it seems! I think everyone was so happy to see something modern and contemporary for a change and away from some of the more traditional designs we often see in craft, so it was busy busy busy! And don’t forget if you want to see FF in your local craft shop then nag them to get them in!! (I’m so cheeky!haha!)

So we just got sorted out from the NEC and 5 days later we have just opened our brand new bricks and mortar shop in York, the Craft-Room.  just a stone’s throw away from the old one but in a better location we think, so we hope to see you all soon!

So now it’s even busier with the creep-on of crimbo and I think we will be having a quiet one this year – I intend to snuggle up in my pj’s and slippers and slob for the whole day.  As for making Christmas Cards – well I say it every year but I’m not quite sure if I will manage it this year!  Maybe it’s more realistic to do Happy New Year instead!! 😀



  1. Babs Smith said,

    Youre right PB they are brilliant and look crackin’ made up I really like mine I bought theset of die cut ones and the quality is so good I am really pleased Thanx Freddie

  2. Pandabear said,

    Love the new FF die cuts, got them home and couldn’t wait. Great quality. I just have to turn them into cards now.

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