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29/06/2008 at 2:41 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok, ok, so first I don’t write for 6 weeks and now 2 posts in 2 days! I know many of you have been dying to see the new range of decoupage we’ve just designed, so below are some samples. I decided to create this range as decoupage is so, so popular at the moment but I felt the other ranges on the market didn’t cater for my particular taste as many of them are slightly old-fashioned and dare I say, more suited for the older crafter (I hastily add that this does not mean I think older crafters are old-fashioned!). So I decided to create a young, contemporary and modern range which we think fills the gap! And here it is!  The range is great for both adults and kids so there’s something for everyone and we will be creating regular design updates, so keep watching as there’s much much more to come! The range is available to buy on the website now.  Hope you love them!! x



  1. Pandabear said,

    Wow something new, I can’t believe all the different ways that you can make a card with this decoupage. Each decoupage and backing sheet is so versatile. Best thing I’ve bought in ages. Thanks

  2. Joanne said,

    Hello nikki

    Just have to add my praises too. Look forward to the bigger sizes 😉

  3. chriss said,

    Jozza said…..These are awesome – they make mine look like a pile of poo!!

    chriss x

  4. Babs Smith said,

    Arent these just fantastic how could you not love them.
    I have made the football one for my gtandson and I am so happy that I know he will love it
    So Nikky you have scored a home goal with this one

  5. Jozza said,

    These are awesome – they make mine look like a pile of poo!!

    btw I’ve given you an award – pick it up on my blog!

    Jozza xxx

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