a new addiction has arisen…

13/05/2008 at 3:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, firstly may I apologise profusely for not writing my blog for such a long long time, I have no excuse other than that I have become totally addicted to our live chatroom and seem to spend much of my free time talking to my lovely craftee buddies. I’d like to say we have long and meaningful discussions about crafty things but the truth is we start that way and then generally the conversation degenerates into all sorts of other things, mainly our daily adventures and mishaps, of which unfortunately, there seem to be many!! I didn’t realise so many other people were as accident prone and jinxed as me. Or should that be Babs and me!!! šŸ˜€

Anyway, I have done a few new things, mainly connected to our 2nd fabulousĀ craft day which was another great success according to all who attended. We wish the same could be said of the venue who tried to feed us mouldy produce and didn’t know the meaning of the words “customer and service” but needless to say we will find an alternative place to rest our craft trollies next time!

So thanks to everyone who came, it was a fab day, gorgoeus weather and I know I worked everyone hardĀ to get through theĀ 5 projects but I think you all loved them in the end and I know many of you have already made extra projects at home and given them to much appreciative rellies already! And another little thanks for donating to the raffle which was in aid of York Against Cancer.

So here’s some piccies of theĀ projects (sadly I forgot to take my camera but I’m waiting for Jenny to let me have the pics we took on hers, and will post them as soon as I have them.

Lorra Lorra Luv till next time!



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