Has anyone seen my mojo?…

08/04/2008 at 9:45 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m not quite sure where it’s gone this week, but my mojo seems to have vanished! I think it’s partly because of this stupid chest infection which I’ve had for the last couple of weeks so I still feel under par and can’t find any inspiration at all, although I have to say my lovely ladies at cardmaking tonight cheered me up with our usual mirth & banter!  It’s a good job they know me well or they’d think I was a complete witch, I don’t half crack the whip over them during class, they get no sympathy! I have to say it’s all very light hearted though and we have a great laugh and do take the mickey out of each other most of the time.

Tonight’s cards were really lovely and I will upload them with instructions after Thursday’s class as they’re using some of my new papers and are really pretty I have to admit.  So, I need to get my inspirational cap on as I have Cricut swarms this weekend and I haven’t decided what we’re doing yet!! And then you all ask me where I get my ideas from – now you know!…I think I must work best under extreme pressure as I seem to constantly be putting projects together the day before class for some reason! After every class I say right, let’s get organised, but for some reason it just don’t work for me.  Still, so long as everyone is happy on the day that’s all that counts and I love doing Swarms, it’s my fave class as I get to show everyone what their lovely Bugs will do and hopefully spread a  little inspiration.

Well, I feel much better now except for my toothache and OMG. the giant spider which has just nearly crawled across my foot, thank goodness I saw the cat watching it!   eeeeeekkkk!!  OOO and I think they must be coming out of hibernation now, cos I moved a  box in the shop earlier on and nealry touched a giant tarantula hiding underneath some chalkboard pens, yuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkk! So I chucked it outside, it was one of those horrid big black ones with fat hairy legs and bodies….shiver…..said chalkboard pens are now in the bin, coudlnt bear to use them after that little encounter….  anyway I need to move now, I don’t know where the flippin spidey has gone and the cat’s still looking so it’s lurking near my feet somewhere…

ttfn! eeeek!!


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