La dee dah

07/04/2008 at 10:53 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve had one of those days today and this just about sums it up…



  1. Denise said,

    Are these your own Cat’s Freddie. Only asking as they look as though they need serving with ASBO’s.

  2. possum oz said,

    just love the cat’s

  3. chriss said,

    oh you had me laughing with thae cats esp the cheese lololololol

    sorry to hear you still not well think something going round chest you would think i was a smoker and the toothache too…and on top of that my mojo went missing 2 weeks ago and my friens chris reckons i left it at her house the weekend i stayed and has been using it as she has come up with some great ATC’s and cards… i have asked her for it back need to get my challenges completed.
    i thought it was lost under all my craft stuff somewhere bit i keep looking but i’m yet to find it.
    your atc ‘s you kindly gave for blog candy have reached their destination ‘down under’ today…if you go on my blog nikki and click on ‘susans blog ‘ she has given you a mention.
    also while you are there could you read the ‘ Daniel George ‘ post maybe some of your lovely ladies will be able to help.
    please leave a comment for daniel.
    hope you have a good weekend and you are feeling better soon.
    take care and be good to yourself
    chriss x

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