20/11/2007 at 8:31 am (Uncategorized)

Well folks it’s been a little while since I posted and the past couple of weeks have been poo I have to say.  Firstly I was struck down with a horrid tonsilitis type bug which is all you need when you have 3 busy weeks ahead of you and can barely speak, then it seems that every piece of technology I’ve come into contact with over the last few weeks is out to get me by breaking down.  Said printer has decided to give up the ghost after all so we’ve installed an old one – of course, that one has no card reader so now I can’t upload any images to the site, blog or anywhere else, most annoying.  Pentax still havent bothered to contact me about our camera which was sent off for repair about 5 weeks ago as it suddenly decided to break in a very spectacular way.  then yesterday I spent half an hour with my cricut wondering why the image I was selecting was the wrong one until I realised I had the wrong cartridge with the wrong overlay.  DOH DOH DOH!  i think me and technology are just doomed at the mo and maybe it’s my electonic karma or something but I feel I should give anythign which plugs in a very wide berth for a while!

The good news is our Bithday celebrations are over and we’ve managed to raise almost £200 for charity with hopefully a little more to add from the Crimbo Craft party in a couple of weeks time which I’m now busy prepping up for with some yummy new papers and stuff we have.

Anyway I’d better push on, came in early cos I have lots to do and as usual have got distracted!  TTFN xx


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