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31/10/2007 at 9:27 am (Uncategorized)

Halloween pencil toppersI absolutely LOVE halloween but sadly here it’s not as celebrated in the US so I don’t have a very spooky post today.  I think when I finally get to the US I want to be there on 31 Oct just to see all the cute kids running round in their costumes, ours is so naff in comparison. 

I know everything’s so commercial here now but it doesn’t have to be, life is generally pretty crap so why can’t we at least have one day a year when we can have fun for no good reason?  I remember dressing up as a ghost when I was about 7 or 8 and scaring our next door neighbour half to death cos no-one really did Halloween at that time.  I had my sister with me as a mini ghost (she was about 3 or 4) and we must have looked so funny, shame there are no pics, Mother!! 

Maybe it’s because we have Bonfire night instead, we can’t possibly have 2 fun days in a fortnight can we!? We’re English for godsake, we don’t do happy! 

One thing we did do as kids but I don’t know if it still happens was Mischief Night…the day BEFORE bonfire night we all used to go out and do all kinds of mischief to the neighbours…all harmless generally &t I’m sure it was very annoying when I think about it now, but boy did we have a laugh!  Our main onjective was to remove as many gateposts as we could and then reattach them to a completely different fence.  Placing village benches in peoples gardens was also highly amusing too, as was moving “For Sale” notices to the wrong houses!  Traditionally it was things like tying neighbours doorknobs together so they couldnt get out the front door and covering them in treacle and gooey stuff.  The best bit about it all was being on the school bus the next morning and passing all the devastation on the school route, the bus would be in raptures, with the odd person waving a fist in anger at us all laughing.  Sounds really cruel that we enforced such tyranny now but it really was meant as a fun thing.  I think this was a regional thing as not many people I speak to outside this area have ever heard of it.  My mum & dad had a milk round so they used to see it all before everyone else got up and I can always remember them coming back in the morning and telling me what the other villages had done, heh heh.  I suppose if it still goes on now the chav idea of fun would be to hold the neighbours up at knifepoint while they steal the car and the telly, so maybe its a good thing it’s stopped! sigh.  Everything gets ruined in the end doesnt it.  Anyway I’m off to surf for some cool halloweeny stuff so have a great spooky day….


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  1. Babs Smith said,

    We have mischief night here and it really is right pain in the behind gates missing in the morning and 3 years ago the older boys well men really painted about 8 donkeys on this horrible mans croft. They painted the animals black with white stripes but it was a vegitable based dye nothing that would hurt the donkey. The men are worse than the kids anything that is not tied down they will have it and put it somewhere else. I wish mischief night would die here. In Liverpool it is like you say really pure badness it is a really busy night for the law

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