brrr, it’s cold…

29/10/2007 at 5:14 pm (Uncategorized)

well, my first day of my new blog and I think I finally got it sussed, although it all looks pretty boring and I can’t believe anyone wants to read my dull escapades!  Anyway, I’m here now, I just need to keep this thing updated although like I said before my life is work, work, work!  Busy week this week with a few classes and a weekend demonstration so that will keep me amused.  Had to tidy the workshop in the shop today – took about an hour and I’m still only halfway through, if only the ladies who came to class could see what it looks like when they’re not here!!  It would certainly make them all feel much better about their own craft space I can tell you! 

As I’ve had an admin/computer day I’m now freezing, can hrdly type my hands are so-o cold.  Plus in the furore, I forgot to have a drink, breakfast or any lunch so I’m now starving! (why aren’t I like Kate Moss?? sob).  Plus I have the delightful prospect of going to Morrisons on the way home to do food shopping and it’s the big new one so I won’t be able to find a thing.  Still, I MUST get loo roll and now the clocks have gone back I’m getting an urge to make stews and start baking.  That will please Kris, show me a man not driven by his stomach. hmm, that sounds like a good scrapbook theme to me….


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